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Fitness of the body and the mind is critical to a happy, healthy life. This section provides comprehensive exercise, workout, and sleep resources for the body and the brain to assist in helping you achieve your fitness goals. Fitness of the mind and body go hand-in-hand with good nutrition and wellness, so remember to also review our nutrition and healthy eating resources.

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. -- Buddha

Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states. -- Carol Welch

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride. -- John F. Kennedy

To keep the mind and body fit, we need to find the time for participating in regular physical activity and exercise. Too often we can make excuse for not having the time or energy for some sort of daily workout, but physical fitness is essential to overall wellness -- and essential to a happy and healthy life. Being inactive and living a sedentary lifestyle can lead to numerous hypokinetic diseases, such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes.

Empowering Fitness and Exercise Articles

The Basics of Bicycling for Health, Fun, and Environment, by Randall S. Hansen.

How's Your Brain Fitness? 10 Exercise Tips for a Healthy and Fit Brain, by Randall S. Hansen.

The 100-Mile a Month Walking Challenge: Take the First Step to a Healthy Life, by Randall S. Hansen.

10 Critical Bike Safety Tips: How to Be Safe on the Road, by Randall S. Hansen.

10 Critical Walking Tips: Begin Walking Safely for Heart, Health, Life, by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

10 Quick Exercise Tips for Enhancing Overall Health, by Randall S. Hansen.

More coming soon!

Empowering Fitness and Exercise Blogs

  • Beebles Fitness: A Health, Fitness, and Diet Blog -- you will learn about exercise and correct techniques, including what is good for you, what is not -- and why. You will pick up a greater understanding on how food affects your body and why not all diets are good news.
  • Bike Commute Tips Blog -- helpful suggestions and encouragement for commuting to work by bicycle.
  • Bike Diva -- a blog for all cycling enthusiasts to enjoy. Topics include mountain biking, road biking, freak bikes, charity bike rides, fitness, nutrition, bike racing, bike cycling gear, and more.
  • Brain Fitness Blog -- from the folks at SharpBrains.com, a blog that focuses on providing readers with research-based information on brain fitness and cognitive health.

  • Discover Walking -- a blog about the joys and health benefits of walking -- in your neighborhood, at the mall, or while you're on vacation.
  • The Gray Iron Fitness Blog -- fitness training for seniors, combining weight training, proper nutrition, and cardiovascular exercise.
  • The Insomnia Blog -- helps you identify and overcome common sleep problems, and shows how getting more, better quality sleep can have an immediate and lasting impact on beauty, weight, sex, health, and more.
  • Just Breathe -- a blog about all things yoga from a yoga teacher, yoga practitioner, and yoga-obsessive, trying to find a little balance in all of life.
  • A Passion for Running -- a blog about distance running from a forty-something marathoner who has beaten stress fractures and terrible shin splints to not only continue running, but increase his distance.
  • The SLEEP Blog -- a online magazine about sleep- and sleeplessness-related stuff in our lives, including how to get a better night's sleep, sleeping pills, sleep psychology, lucid dreaming, etc.

  • starling fitness -- the main theme of this blog is physical fitness -- whether that means losing weight, building strength, or maintaining general good health -- daily postings here about fitness, diet, exercise programs and gadgets, and health-related issues.
  • Total Wellness Blog -- get your daily dose of fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being with fitness and nutrition expert, Yuri Elkaim. Lose weight, burn fat, workout, eat well, and live well.
  • A Trail Runner's Blog -- Scott Dunlap's blog of trail running, ultra-running, and triathlon racing in the Western United States. This blog contains interviews, research, original fiction, new product ideas, and all things trail running. A Forbes Favorite.
  • Trying Fitness -- a blog from a former coach potato who hated exercising -- that serves as a motivational resource for her to keep up with exercise and eating right. Like many others, she struggled with maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Workin On My Fitness -- a great personal fitness blog, covering issues such as the basics on exercising, fitness terms and how to do certain workouts, latest fitness trends -- apparel, shoes, accessories, useful online and offline workout tools, and the author's personal journey in getting back in shape.

Empowering Fitness and Exercise Links

  • Active.com -- find and register online for sports and recreational activities near you like fun runs, team sports, tennis and golf, triathlons, youth baseball, soccer and football leagues, walking, and much more. Plus find training plans, watch instructional drills, read health, nutrition and fitness articles and more.
  • America On the Move -- a national non-profit organization with a mission to improve health and quality of life by promoting healthful eating and active living among individuals, families, communities and society -- challenging you, your family and your community to take small steps and make small changes to a healthier way of life.
  • America Walks -- a national organization that fosters walkable communities by engaging, educating, and connecting walking advocates. The mission of America Walks is to foster the development of community-based pedestrian advocacy groups and to educate the public about the benefits of walking.
  • A2ZYoga.com -- a practical and inspirational site for anyone who wants to promote health, harmony, and well-being in their life with yoga. Find the A to Z of yoga here, including yoga poses, videos, and more.
  • Bikes Belong -- a bicycling advocacy group that works to create better places to bike -- and to get more people riding bicycles. Their facilities grants alone have helped finance nearly 1,400 miles of bike paths and trails that link more than 6,500 miles of trail facilities.
  • ExRx.net -- a free resource for the exercise professional, coach, or fitness enthusiast. ExRx.net consists of more than 2,000 pages, featuring comprehensive exercise instruction and kinesiology reference for exercise prescription with more than 760 animated exercises demonstrated, described, and analyzed.
  • Fitness.com -- the site's mission is to provide the world with healthy fitness tips and information. With free exercises, recipes, fitness tools and calculators, articles, diet and weight loss support forum, and a training forum, this site gives you all the tools needed to live a healthy and active life.
  • Fitness Connection -- a health and fitness directory with links to weight loss, certification, bodybuilding, running, supplements, exercise equipment, health clubs, diets, clothing, gear, yoga, fitness videos, fitness software, cycling, swimming, fitness models, bodybuilders, personal trainers, and more!
  • Fitness Online -- includes expert fitness advice and information links...all in one place. Major categories include lose weight, get fit, build muscle, eat healthy, and pregnancy fitness. Links to articles from magazines in the American Media, Inc., network.
  • FitnessTraffic.com -- the premier home fitness search engine and directory. Designed to help its users find the information, shopping stores, companies, resources, equipment, products, and services they need on health and fitness.
  • Fit Watch -- provides basic information about fitness along with tools that people can use to analyze and track fitness goals, and which allow you to focus on improving yourself emotionally and intellectually. Includes basic fitness facts and useful fitness articles and calculators to help you lose weight and get fit!
  • FitWise.Com -- your source for independent information on health and fitness software. Featuring up-to-date information on hundreds of health and fitness software programs and Websites. Whether you want to watch your weight, track your diet, improve y our nutrition, train for a triathlon, or learn more about nutrition and your health, this site is your source.
  • Look Great Naked: The Internet's Premier Site for Women's Fitness -- providing fitness articles, tips, exercises, workouts, recipes, reviews, and more for women. No matter what your level of fitness, the site's sole purpose is to help you realize your goals with cutting-edge information on training, nutrition, and sports supplementation.
  • LoveToKnow Exercise and Fitness -- your guide to exercising your way to better health and a stronger body. Whether you're interested in bodybuilding, exercising to losing weight, or working out to help a health condition, you'll find what you're looking for here. You can also find information on exercise aids, such as DVDs, treadmills, clothing, monitors, and more.
  • Man Healthy Fitness & Nutrition Solutions -- provides visitors with specific, informative, straight-to-the-point information and solutions for men on subjects related to almost any man health, fitness, weight loss, or nutrition problem. Designed to empower you to reclaim your health and fitness in order for you to live a long, happy, healthy, and pain-free life, regardless of your age.
  • MotleyHealth.com -- a leader for online fitness, strength, and weight loss advice that strives to provide the best unbiased advice to readers on how to lose weight, get fit, and build athletic muscle. Includes information on both male and female celebrity diets and fitness programs.
  • NetSweat.com -- one of the oldest, continuously running women's fitness Websites, focused on promoting healthy lifestyles by making it easier for people to find information on and equipment and clothing for fitness activities.
  • Shape Up America -- a not-for-profit organization committed to raising awareness of obesity as a health issue and to providing responsible information on healthy weight management. Includes fitness tips section with lots of great ideas to promote physical activity for the entire family, as well as a 10,000 steps program.
  • Sharp Brains -- a market research and advisory company focused on providing high-quality, research-based, information and guidance to navigate the brain training and cognitive fitness market. Great tools to exercise your brain and keep it fit along with your body.
  • Trails.com -- a great resource for hiking, mountain biking, water trails, and more. Offers more than 44,000 trail maps and descriptions and topological maps of the entire United States. Free trial to explore the site, but using full capabilities is a fee-based prospect.
  • Walking.org -- a guide to exercise and health, using healthy eating and fitness walking techniques, with sections on fitness walking basics, walking for kids and those 50 or older. Also includes the walker's diet, recipes, and more.
  • Walking Healthy -- dedicated to promoting the concept that walking athletically is the best form of exercise. Designed for non-athletes to help you maximize your walking workout while using proper technique and having fun along the way.
  • WebWalking -- an online resource for walking, hiking, and trail mapping. Use its Google Maps pedometer to track and map your routes. Discover new and scenic places to walk, join a local walking club, or find out what walking events are happening near you.
  • Women Fitness -- an online guide to women's health and fitness, with exercises, daily tips, motivational tools, and articles to achieve successful, healthy weight loss. The site's mission relates to the belief that every woman can achieve a desired body if she believes in herself and works whole-heartedly to achieve a healthy and fit body no matter what comes her way.
  • Workouts for Women -- a comprehensive resource on women's fitness that contains fitness assessments, including a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator, target heart rate calculator, articles on health, fitness, weight loss and exercise, a stretch exercise video library, and a fitness equipment store.
  • Workouts On Demand -- exercise at home, online! Access more than 100 full-length online workout videos, exercise video downloads and online workouts for women including pilates, yoga, stability ball exercise, total body toning, low-impact aerobics, cardio kickboxing, abs, free ab workout, and more.

Empowering Fitness and Exercise Books

fitness, exercise, wellness book
  • Fitness and Wellness, by Wener W.K. Hoeger and Sharon A. Hoeger. The authors teach you how to take control of your personal fitness, health, and lifestyle habits so you can make a constant and deliberate effort to stay healthy -- and realize your highest potential for good health.


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