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EmpoweringRetreat.com is where you can find empowering tools for your body, mind, and spirit -- including articles, tools, resources, and advice for happy, healthy living.


Our mission is to provide visitors with everything you need to live a better, healthier, and happier life... inspirational tools you can use to mend your body, mind, and spirit.

Core Focus

Our focus to help you live a better life is centered around seven core areas:
Wellness -- including health, medical, and vitality resources.
Fitness -- including exercise resources for the body and the brain.
Nutrition -- including healthy eating, diet, and recipe resources.
Spirituality -- including resources for refreshing your spirit, faith, and religion.
Balance -- including time-management and occupational resources for healthy work and life.
Serenity -- including stress reduction, self-esteem, and emotional and mental health resources.
Environment -- including resources for green living and protecting the Earth.

Who We Are

EmpoweringRetreat.com is a member of the EmpoweringSites.com family. Each Website within the EmpoweringSites.com Network has as its mission to empower, inspire, educate, motivate, and invigorate you to life-changing personal development and growth.

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While the two founders of this site are "doctors," we're Ph.Ds., not medical doctors. The advice and resources we include within this site are for educational purposes only. We strongly recommend discussing any major life changes with significant others and your personal physician or other medical practitioner or healthcare provider. Furthermore, while we seek to link to the best external sites related to our topics of wellness, fitness, nutrition, spirituality, balance, serenity, and the environment, we cannot -- nor do we -- endorse any of these other sites nor attest to their accuracy.

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